HG100-2 Large PVC and PET Capsule Machine

Name:HG100-2 Large PVC and PET Capsule Machine
Design production capacity:100 pcs/min
Normal capacity:90pcs/min
Head diameter::55mm~63mm
Bottom diameter::Maximum 65mm
Height::55mm ~70mm
Taper::about 1.5°~3°
Power::Three-phase 380v, 14kw
Packaging::Wooden case
Shipping::2-3 months after down payment

Product Description





      HG100-2 Large PVC and PET Capsule Machine can produce high quality PVC shrinkable capsule. 

        The capsules can be used for wine, and food industrial.They can be made in different sizes and 

        thickness. The skirt can be hot stamped with or without an aluminum or PVC head disc which 

        may be hot stamped,embossed and punched.Moreover,the body can have vertical easy-open 


     HG100-2 features can be summarized as follows:


         Design production capacity    100 pcs/min

         Normal capacity                        90pcs/min


      Standard capsule measurements

    ●  Head diameter:  55mm~63mm

         Bottem diameter:  Maximum 65mm

    ●  Height:  55mm ~70mm

    ●  Taper:  about 1.5°~3°

    ●  Special measurements available upon request


      Machine dimensions:

    ●  Size:  3900mmX1340mmX1500mm

    ●  Weight:  2812kg 

    ●  Power:  Three-phase 380v, 14kw

    ●  Weight of customized model is subject to final finished machine





Higee Machinery make things good. Nearly 30 years our engineers have been engaged in the developing and manufacturing of wine & sparkling wine capsule making machine, with the longest history in China. Not only for wine bottle, champagne bottle production machine, we also developed capsule machine for olive oil bottle, gallon water bottle etc.


The machines are equipped with the functions of hot stamping, relief printing, embossing, easy open tear-off tab (tar-tabs), perforation etc. The machine can be choose to use PVC or polylaminate (Aluninum-PVC complex material) material. Different size of the capsule can be made with different mandrels. The wine capsule making machine speed can be up to 160pcs/minute and champagne capsule making machine up to 100pcs/minute.


In China we have provided the machine for many famous brand like  MaotaiDynastyGreat wallChangyu etc.,  Weve sold to Portugal, Spanish, Russia, Romania etc.


The normal application function is two colors body skirt hot stamping, one color top disc hot stamping, relief printing, top disc embossing, easy open tear-off tab for PVC capsule and C type perforation for polylaminate capsule.


With speed of 120pcs/minute or 160pcs/minute, our machine is highly cost effective compared with Germany or Italy made machine. And nowadays the wine capsule production needs to catering for different designs, so order several wine capsule machines with less capacity speed but economic price is better. Also it is a good choice for starter who just begin the wine capsule production.


Client can use pre-printed film to make bottle capsule or use the hot foil stamping function of the machine to print the design on skirt. For the top disc, normally the design will be embossed or hot stamped or printed by the machine. 

if you have such demands, just send message to us for the suitable solutions for you!

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