Surgical non woven mask making machine dust-mask-making-machine 3ply mask machine

Name:Surgical non woven mask making machine dust-mask-making-machine 3ply mask machine
Production speed:80-100pcs /minute
Production dimension:17.5 9.5 cm (can be customized)
Voltage:1phase , 220v 50hz
Machine size:5500(L)X1200(W)X1800(H)
Product name:automatic mask making machine
Function:disposable nonwoven mask making machine

Product Description

Automatic disposable mask making machine 3 ply/non woven mask machine/medical mask making machine


This is automatic disposable mask making machine , this machine line can use the non-woven fabric to form the face mask slice and auto add the ear loop on the face mask slice directly, it is an ideal equipment to make the medical face mask. Against Corona-virus. 


1.the machine's small footprint, and adopting aluminum alloy structure, beautiful design and solid without rust.

2. we use control servo drive, automatic production.

3. Photoelectric (optical fiber) detection principle to avoid mistakes and reduce raw material waste.

4. High stability and low failure rate.

5. Put the roller material non -woven on the roller machine frame , conveyed by rollers, multi-layered cloth folded and rolled by roller mechanism, then put the roller material non-woven nose bridge strip on the roller machine frame,transmission and wrapping after fixed length cutting,ultrasonic welding edge sealing, segmented cutting to form disposable mask . 

Working Process:



Production speed

80-100pcs /minute

Production dimension

17.5 *9.5 cm (can be customized)


1phase , 220v 50hz



Machine size



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